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There is a certain amount of confusion built into watching "Game of Thrones," at least for me. I haven't read the books by "fiction's most notorious serial killer" (to quote Honest Trailers) George R.R. Martin, and who all of the characters are and what their relationship is to each other remains pretty fuzzy. But, of course, like everyone else, I still love the show and cherish the things about it that I can figure out.

But even the most hardcore "Game of Thrones" nerd might have trouble describing the geographic location of everything that goes on in the fantasy realms of Westeros. Thankfully, there's a really great map that you can take a look at, that will hopefully satisfy your lusty, dragon-filled curiosity.

What's cool about the map, besides the fact that someone actually took time out of their lives to make it, is that you can chart the paths of different characters, thanks to a handy key on the right hand side. Also, you can define things through chapters of the books or episodes of the series, so whether or not you're the literary type or just drawn to the series' copious amounts of full frontal nudity, you'll both be entertained and get your highly sought-after answers.

Please hide this from your friends at work, though. You still want them to think you're cool.
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