steve jobs movie danny boyle leonardo dicaprioThat was fast: After director David Fincher was bounced from Sony's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic last week, The Hollywood Reporter writes that Danny Boyle is set to take his place.

Boyle is reportedly also courting Leonardo DiCaprio to star as the Apple founder, THR reports. The duo would replace Fincher and Christian Bale, who were the first team Sony was circling for the project, an adaptation of Walter Isaacson's bestselling Jobs biography by Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

THR reports that Boyle is currently in talks with the studio, and has already approached DiCaprio about the leading role. The pair first worked together on 2000's "The Beach." Neither has collaborated with Sorkin before.

Fincher had been circling the Jobs biopic for some time, and had set his sights on Bale as his leading man, but according to a THR report from last week, the director had unrealistic demands and wanted too much control over the feature, leading Sony to dump him and scramble to find a new director. The studio had hoped to re-team the Oscar-nominated trio of Fincher, Sorkin, and producer Scott Rudin, who worked together on "The Social Network."

While that line-up has been scrapped, it seems that a Boyle-DiCaprio-Sorkin collaboration is far from a sure thing just yet. THR writes that "deals are not done" yet, and DiCaprio already has a new film on his docket, after "committ[ing] to star in Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu's thriller 'The Revenant' for New Regency starting in September."

Production had at one point been slated to start later this year or early next year; we'll have to wait until a director and star are definitively nailed down before we know if that schedule will remain in place.
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