mean girlsAs the 10th anniversary of the release of "Mean Girls" approaches (the film first hit theaters on April 30, 2004), the Fine Brothers, the masterminds behind the Kids React YouTube series, wondered how today's teens view the beloved high school comedy. Unsurprisingly, the Fines discovered that despite none of the interviewees having reached the age of 10 when "Mean Girls" debuted, adolescents still love the film, and its message of being yourself -- and legacy of awesome quotes -- still holds up.

All but two of the kids interviewed for the "Teens React to 'Mean Girls'" clip had seen -- and adored -- the movie, and everyone laughed and smiled as they watched the film's original trailer.

"Every teenage girl and boy needs to watch this," declared one teen, while another lamented, "It's so sad what happened to [Lindsay Lohan], 'cause she was so pretty." Indeed.

One astute teen guy noted that the trailer seemed to aim the movie squarely at the chick flick-loving audience (true), when in reality, "you watch it, and it's like the greatest movie ever." (Also true. We never thought we'd agree so much with a bunch of highschoolers.)

Check out the clip and relive your own love for "Mean Girls." But be warned: not even today's teens think "fetch" is going to happen. (Another warning: one 18-year-old's declaration that the movie's 10th anniversary makes her feel old will make you, in turn, feel ancient.)

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