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Well, another movie has entered the "what-will-Steven-Spielberg-direct-next?" merry-go-round: The Wrap is reporting that Tom Hanks has attached himself to a CIA thriller that Spielberg may end up directing. This project, should it go anywhere, joins "Montezuma," "Robopocalypse," and the just-announced religious drama "The Kidnapping of Eduardo Mortara" in the list of potential Spielberg directorial projects following his sleepy 2012 Oscar winner "Lincoln."

The screenplay by Matt Charman, concerns James Donovan (Hanks), "a prominent American attorney enlisted by the CIA during the Cold War to slip behind the Iron Curtain and negotiate the release of Gary Powers, a pilot captured when his U-2 spy plane was shot down over Russia." This would mark the fourth collaboration between the actor and director, after "Saving Private Ryan," "Catch Me If You Can," and, of course, "The Terminal."

The Wrap states that the movie will probably not be Spielberg's next movie (that cherished position still belongs to "Robopocalypse"), but it is definitely in the mix. Of course, all of this will be yesterday's news when Disney finally gets bullish about doing another "Indiana Jones," right?

Hanks was recently nominated for an Academy Award for his work in "Captain Phillips" and played Walt Disney in the sorely underrated "Saving Mr. Banks." He's currently starring in "A Hologram for the King" for his "Cloud Atlas" director Tom Tykwer and remains one of the few celebrities I'd actually like to have dinner with.

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