true blood final season teaser video
When "True Blood" debuts for its seventh season this summer, it will also be its last: the Southern Gothic vampire show is finally facing the True Death after years of becoming increasingly convoluted and weird (this following the creative shake up of the show just before season six, when Alan Ball left). We will miss you, "True Blood." Sort of.

But before we start to mourn Sookie, Eric, Bill, and whoever else is still alive on that show and hasn't yet been turned into some kind of mythological creature, we have a trailer to watch. And by the looks of things, the last season is going to be pretty epic.

The brief 35 second clip starts with some narration from Sookie (Anna Paquin), the telepathically gifted waitress who is always falling in love with some fanged hunk. She says that there was an attack perpetrated by some sick vampires (infected with the human-developed Hep-V) and wonders how it could happen. Images flicker by that have some startling real world context, especially given the show's Louisiana setting (a house spray-painted with the words "Pray for Us Sinners Now and at the Hour of Our Death Amen," "Fema Help Us" scrawled on the blacktop), with Sookie questioning how the whole town could start turning on itself. "How could they do such a thing?" she asks.

Finally, the teaser ends with Sookie staring out at the street (flanked by Andy, Jason, Sam, and Alcide) and gravely noticing, "There's no one left." Yikes. This season is going to be heavy, doc.

The new (and final) season premieres on June 22nd.
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