So last week I sat down and talked with Jared Harris about his upcoming supernatural thriller "The Quiet Ones." As is the case when you're talking about a movie involving ghosts, I asked Harris if he had encountered any spooky unexplained phenomenon. He said he hadn't. But his dad, the celebrated actor Richard Harris, had. And what follows is one of Richard Harris's favorite ghost stories, as retold by his son. Try not to get too scared!

"Well, my father had some pretty outrageous ones," Harris began. "One was that there was a ghost of a little boy -- he had this house called Tower House, which is really ornate. And he had this old harpsichord piano in there. And he would say this ghost of this little boy would go down there and play this piano at nighttime. He was convinced that John Barry was staying in his house when the little boy was playing the piano, and that's where he got the James Bond theme."

So there you have it: according to Richard Harris, Oscar-winning composer John Barry was staying in his house, overheard the ghostly piano melody of a long-dead little boy, and used it for the James Bond theme. Mystery solved.

Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP
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