jimmy kimmel question 4/20
The coincidence of Easter falling on April 20th last weekend was a gift to comedians and would-be Twitter comedians everywhere. It's, like, the holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus with candy and bunnies... and the most magical day of the year for stoners! But what about potheads who are also church-going folks? Well, Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to poll people how they celebrated: "God, pot, or both?" (What, no "Pesach or pothead"?)

The audience got to weigh in on the #PedestrianQuestion as well, which meant guessing whether or not the person on the street would cop to hitting up the house of God or hanging out with Mary Jane. The responses were mixed, with one woman responding that her watch has been stuck on 4/20 since she bought it.

It's an interesting sociological experiment to see who Kimmel's team chose to ask and how the audience guessed. The people polled on the street all "looked" like stoners and/or "colorful" (read: tattooed, pierced, non-white, identifying as transgender), which inevitably led the audience to guess that each person probably celebrated 4/20 instead of Easter. The lesson here might be not to judge a book by its cover, or to just not be a jerk to strangers.
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