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What's It About? Roy Scheider co-stars in this thriller about four men from disparate backgrounds who, for various reasons, are forced to hide in a small village in South America. When a nearby oil well explodes, four of them must transport nitroglycerin through dangerous terrain in the hopes of extinguishing the fire.
Why We're IN: William Friedkin's film met all sorts of bad luck upon release, from its box office competition (a little film called "Star Wars") to misleading marketing that confused audiences expecting a second helping of "The Exorcist." Although the Blu-ray doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, the quality of the transfer will sate all cinephiles who've been dying to add this cult favorite to their collection. New on DVD & Blu-ray
What's It About? Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman co-star in this weird romcom about a rich eccentric who falls for a charming mentally ill gal with a history of abuse. But his family loves her!
IN or OUT: So far out, man. This from the director of "The Craft"?!

"The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete Series"
What's It About? It's about Spider-Man, duh. The animated TV show about Spidey's origins is finally out in one complete collection.
IN or OUT: Sling those webs elsewhere unless you're a diehard fan.

New on Blu-ray
"Conspiracy Theory"
What's It About? Mel Gibson plays a conspiracy theory nut named Jerry who's stalking a government lawyer. The lawyer (Julia Roberts) doesn't mind, and even gets involved once it seems that Jerry might be onto something.
IN or OUT: Goonies never say die, but they do recommend skipping this Donner flick.

"Get Carter" (1971 & 2000)
What's It About? A gangster returns home after his brother is killed in a most mysterious way. Michael Caine stars in the 1971 version, which is set in the UK, and Sylvester Stallone stars in remake. Thankfully, Stallone's version takes place in the Unites States, so we're spared any attempts at a British accent.
IN or OUT: The first is fab, and the remake is a dud. Why buy both?

"Riot in Cell Block 11" (Criterion)
What's It About? Criterion continues rocking these film noir issues with this drama filmed in Folsom State Prison, with actual inmates and guards as extras. Director Don Siegel is also credited with "Escape From Alcatraz," "Dirty Harry," And "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Sam Peckinpah worked on the film as an assistant casting director.
IN or OUT: If you're a fan of prison dramas, and you're interested in the roots of Sam Peckinpah, you'll definitely want to snag this Criterion.
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