gone girl new endingWhile rumors have swirled that the ending to the big screen adaptation of "Gone Girl" will differ immensely from the source material, author Gillian Flynn insists that the movie will still closely resemble its literary counterpart.

Flynn, who's adapting her own book for director David Fincher's film, wrote in a recent Reddit AMA that fans of the novel shouldn't worry about news of changes to the story.

"[T]hose reports have been greatly exaggerated!" she said. "Of course, the script has to be different from the book in some ways-you have to find a way to externalize all those internal thoughts and you have to do more with less room and you just don't have room for everything. But the mood, tone and spirit of the book are very much intact."

The author also noted that since she was the one scripting her own work, she was afforded a very hands-on approach to the movie, and added that her collaboration with Fincher in particular helped her learn the screenwriting craft, which requires a specific set of decision-making skills.

"I've been very involved in the film and loved it," Flynn wrote. "Working with David Fincher is pretty much the best place to start for a screenwriter. Screenwriting definitely works different parts of your brain than writing a novel. I do love that with novels, you can really sprawl out–it feels quite decadent. With screenwriting, you have to justify every choice. It's a nice discipline, but definitely not decadent."

"Gone Girl," starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Emily Ratajkowski, and Patrick Fugit opens October 3.

[via Reddit, h/t Vulture]
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