Walk of Shame- Red Band Clip
Elizabeth Banks just wanted to borrow someone's phone, okay?

In this exclusive (and very R-rated) clip for "Walk of Shame," Elizabeth Banks's character, Meghan, is lost and trying to make a phone call after a particularly eventful evening. See also: the title of the movie. In modern parlance, the walk of shame is what one does after having intimate relations with another person that they've just met. A walk of shame is usually done in one's clothes and/or makeup from the night before, unless it's Halloween, in which case the walk of shame is done in one's Halloween costume.

Unfortunately for Meghan, her walk of shame is much more complicated. The recognizable TV reporter has to navigate Los Angeles without cash, a car, her phone, or even her ID. And she has to do it in time to make a really important job interview for a network news anchor gig! Um, we thought that nobody walked in L.A. Sorry, Meghan.

James Marsden ("Anchorman 2," "30 Rock," "Straw Dogs") plays Meghan's one-night stand, Gordon, and Gillian Jacobs appears as Meghan's friend, Rose. Steven Brill ("Little Nicky," "Mr. Deeds," "Without a Paddle") wrote and directed this comedy about what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.

"Walk of Shame" opens May 2.
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Walk of Shame
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