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They both have a penchant for shedding their clothes for roles, and now Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that when he needs some career advice, he turns to fellow British actor Michael Fassbender for inspiration.

Speaking with Vulture, Radcliffe said that the question "What would Michael Fassbender do?" has become a bit of a mantra for him, explaining that it's Fassbender's smart choices that have put him on such a high pedestal for the former "Harry Potter" star.

"I should just get a little bracelet made with that on it," Radcliffe told the site. "Michael Fassbender is one of a group of actors that I really, really admire, and I think everything he does in his career is brilliant."

That admiration came about in 2012, while Radcliffe was shooting the horror flick "The Woman in Black" with director James Watkins.

"We were offered an advertising tie-in, from a very classy company," [Radcliffe] said. "And we were like, 'Well, this is a gothic horror film. Is that the way we want to represent ourselves?'" And since Watkins had worked with Fassbender on a previous film, Eden Lake, Radcliffe asked him, "Would Fassbender do something like this?" And Watkins said, "Nope."

And lo, a movie star man crush was born. Now if only we could get these two on the big screen together -- preferably with as little clothing as possible. After all, it seems like something Michael Fassbender would do.

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