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Director Richard Linklater is obsessed with time, both in its specificity (like the last day of school, captured so handily in his "Dazed and Confused") and elasticity (hence the three "Before..." movies, filmed in 9-year intervals). Over the last 12 years he's been working, mostly in secret, on a movie that was eventually dubbed "Boyhood," that charts the development of a single child (Ellar Coltrane). It's pretty astounding. Coming out of SXSW, we called it, "the stuff of legend, at once small and delicate and at the same time nearly cosmic in scope." We stand by this claim. And now, thanks to the just-released trailer, you can get a taste of what it's all about.

Keep in mind that if you want to go into "Boyhood" pure, do not watch this trailer. Let the movie unfold around you, like wading waist-deep into a river. But if you do want to get a little nibble before the big feast, watching the trailer won't totally spoil things, although you will see the titular boy at different ages, which takes away some of the impact.

There isn't a real plot to "Boyhood" as much as it's a series of incredibly relatable, realistic domestic tableaus. The movie costars regular Linklater confederate Ethan Hawke and a wonderful Patricia Arquette, who actors who put vanity and glamour side for the sake of this extraordinary project. But just watching the trailer made us choke up, and I am half robot. Good luck holding back the tears, mere mortals.
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