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The title character in "Godzilla" is, of course, a big scary monster that stomps on buildings and makes life generally uncomfortable if you are, in fact, a human being. But he began his cinematic journey more as a metaphor than monster, with Japanese filmmakers dealing with the fallout (both literal and emotional) from the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan at the end of World War II. The character, down to its radioactive DNA, is a wholly Japanese creation. Which makes the just-released Japanese trailer for the pricey "Godzilla," easily the best bit of promotional footage from the movie, even cooler.

Most of the trailer plays like a kind of greatest hits highlight reel of some of the other trailers, but what's so fascinating is that there is still so much of the movie that hasn't been revealed. Unlike "Amazing Spider-Man 2," which feels like every major plot point and action set piece has been telegraphed through its incessant marking campaign, "Godzilla" (both the character and the movie) have remained largely in the shadows. (This new trailer even retains the spooky "2001" music from the domestic spots.)

There are some new bits in this one, including what sounds like Sally Hawkins talking to Ken Watanabe, and a shot of the big monster's foot coming down (it's kind of adorable how chubby it is), which was part of the footage that we previewed at South by Southwest earlier this spring. Just watch the trailer... These next few weeks are going to be torturously long.

"Godzilla" opens on May 16, and if it opened a day later I'd probably die.
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