twilight bad lip reading
Anyone who has seen the "Twilight" movies knows that the dialogue isn't exactly their biggest attribute. (Although the dreaminess of stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner only goes so far.) Thankfully, the talented team at Bad Lip Readings has given the movies a makeover, replacing the original (awful) dialogue with only marginally more awful dialogue. The end result is the seven funniest minutes of your entire day.

The entire thing plays like a surrealist mad lib experiment and it's kind of shocking how well the new dialogue fits in with the already-existing lip movements. If you thought that the "Twilight" series would be better if Pattinson's character had access to a tambourine, well, this will scratch that particular itch (his song about dragons is priceless). There was an inherent silliness to the "Twilight" movies as they stood, this just heightens and refines things. It's a gas.

Watch the video below and giggle loud enough for someone to tell you to stop.
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