Best Movies of 2014
Well, a good chunk of 2014 is already done and gone. And while we're sad to see it go, it seems like the perfect opportunity to stop and reflect on the movies that have been released thus far this year. While last year was championed as affording a standout collection of cinematic treasures, from the looks of it, 2014 could be even better -- and way weirder.

Some of the best movies have involved Scarlet Johansson as a lifeforce-sucking space alien, a pair of groovy vampires in love, and a superhero movie where a talking computer delivers large chunks of important exposition. Yes, 2014 is very awesome and very weird.

Here's our list of the top 10 movies of the year (thus far). What have you seen of our list? What did we miss? And what do you think the chances are for 2014 topping 2013 in terms of pure excellence?

Article photo courtesy Warner Bros.