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It's been ten years since "Lost" debuted on ABC and changed the landscape of the medium.

And, since the show's end in 2010, co-creator Damon Lindelof has dabbled in a number of projects: he's a producer on ABC's "Once Upon a Time," co-produced J.J. Abrams's two "Star Trek" movies (co-writing the second one), wrote the ambitious "Alien" quasi-prequel "Prometheus" for Ridley Scott and was one of the many cooks in the kitchen for Jon Favreau's "Cowboys & Aliens." But he has yet to create a follow-up TV series. Until now.

This summer, Lindelof brings Tom Perotta's best-selling and critically acclaimed novel "The Leftovers" to HBO for a ten-part series, with the first full trailer (below) airing last night right before "Game of Thrones" (and right alongside the equally-impressive trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Cinemax series "The Knick"). It looks pretty rapturous.

Set to the tune of James Blake's lovely electro-ballad "Retrograde," the clip starts with a mom getting into a car with her baby. Seconds later, the baby is gone. The trailer then cuts around to various people and their involvement in an event that most are describing as The Rapture -- when 2% of the world's population simply vanishes. "The Leftovers" is set some time after this event, following a group of characters in a small New York town, led by Justin Theroux's troubled police chief. Other members of the cast include Christopher Eccleston and Liv Tyler.

The show looks absolutely bonkers in all the right, Lindelofian ways (yes, that is some kind of weird cult that has developed since the Rapture), and full of the HBO hallmarks of hardcore sex and violence. Quite frankly, we can't wait.

"The Leftovers" premieres on June 29.
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The Leftovers
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After two percent of the world's population disappears, those left behind struggle to understand. Read More