Indie Movies 2014
Imagine if the summer was truly owned by Hollywood blockbusters. Like, exclusively.

Every weekend, from now through August, would see the release of only movies about superheroes and demigods and giant robots and giant monsters and giant animated dragons, with the occasional star-studded comedy thrown in for an alternative option here and there.

Fortunately, that's not the case. There's plenty of counter-programming happening over the next four months for those of us who want something besides all the big sequels and sci-fi flicks. If there's anything released by the studios you want to avoid, there's sure to be another film worth seeing.

Below are our 12 most anticipated independent releases for this summer, and don't worry if you think you live somewhere that, at first, seems exclusively owned by the blockbusters: While many of the following films open theatrically in limited release, some of them will be available via Video On Demand either simultaneously or soon after. (Those we know about have been noted).

Article photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight
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