diane keaton jimmy fallon beer pongThat Jimmy Fallon is such a rascal! Last night he was up to his old "Tonight Show" tricks with Diane Keaton, whom he'd engaged in a beer pong battle. Actually, make that a red wine pong battle. With ice.

The thing with booze pong is winning means the other person is "forced" to drink, which makes us wonder who the real winner is in that situation. Keaton, who was barefoot and wearing a snappy bowler, sussed this out pretty quickly and spent most of the time throwing ping pong balls at Fallon and drinking the wine. Smart lady.

Keaton is out promoting her new book "Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty," which deals with beauty and bucking the Hollywood system. It also has quite a bit about the beautiful men she's loved, from Warren Beatty to Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson. She told More, "I have a list of all the men I've kissed... The only one I've missed, really, is Matthew McConaughey." Alright, etc.

Keaton's next film, "And So It Goes," pairs her with another Hollywood legend, Michael Douglas. The Rob Reiner comedy is about a cranky real estate agent (Douglas, natch) who's suddenly saddled with the role of grandpa after his son heads to jail. Keaton plays a lounge singer and love interest who lives next door. Reiner told USA Today, "She actually does like the bad boys... She likes a guy who is a little rough around the edges." And so it goes, indeed.
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