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After seeing "Gravity," it felt like the scariest part about space was being alone. Turns out, it's creepier to realize you're not.

That's the premise of the first trailer for the CBS event series "Extant," which is produced by Steven Spielberg and stars Halle Berry. The Oscar winner plays astronaut Molly Woods, who returns from a 13-month solo mission to discover she's pregnant. By whom? (Or should we say what?)

As the government starts snooping around her life, her young son starts saying some very strange things. Regarding a drawing he made, he says, "I put the family in the spaceship so they'd be safe ... from extinction."

CBS clearly is a fan of these sci-fi summer event series, and no wonder - "Under the Dome" performed very well for them last year. If "Extant" can do the same, the kid won't have to worry about extinction.

"Extant" premieres Wednesday, July 9.
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CBSTV14July 9, 2014
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An astronaut tries to reconnect with her family on Earth after her year of solo space experiments. Read More

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