fantastic four villain mole tim black nelsonThe "Fantastic Four" reboot may be adding yet another villain: Tim Blake Nelson is set to join the cast as the alter ego of Mole Man.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Nelson -- who played a part in another Marvel film, 2008's "The Incredible Hulk" -- is in final negotiations for the role of Harvey Elder, described by the trade as "an eccentric and socially awkward scientist." Elder eventually becomes the Mole Man, a villain who is "shunned by humanity and leader of a subterranean group of monsters known as the Moloids," per THR.

"Sources say the Mole Man will not appear in this movie but Elder's appearance does set up the character to be the villain in future installments of the franchise," THR added.

"The Fantastic Four," a reboot of the early 2000s Fox adaptation of the Marvel comic, stars Miles Teller (Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic), Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm/The Thing), Kate Mara (Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman), and Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm/The Human Torch) as the titular heroes. Toby Kebbell is playing villain Doctor Doom.

"The Fantastic Four" is due out on June 19, 2015.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]

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