Disney Limits Frozen Sales
After we reported on the fisticuffs and bald-faced lying that was corrupting the normally magical realm of the Disney Store in New York City, largely due to shortages of "Frozen" merchandise, it seems that Disney has taken steps to ensure that such madness is kept out of its theme parks and cruise ships. Because, really, we're on the brink here people.

According to WDW Magic, Disney has imposed a restriction on the amount of any given "Frozen" related item purchased at any of the domestic parks (there are four in Florida and two in California), Disney Cruise Line ships, and Disney Vacation Club locations. That means you can only by 5 (!) of any single "Frozen" item, before being told "no." You want five singing Olaf plushes? Sure! How about 6? Not on my watch, buster.

While it's kind of unheard of for a company to actually limit the amount of purchases you can make, this is some kind of bizarre, Cabbage Patch Kids-like phenomenon, and it's nice that Disney is at least trying to make sure that everyone gets their very own Elsa and Anna dolls, especially when visiting the parks. (Since these are potentially once-in-a-lifetime visits that should be stuffed to the brim with magic.) We say: bravo! We also say: we should have put our stuff from the junket up on eBay!

So when you go down to Florida this summer to ride the brand new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, be sure to stock up on your "Frozen" merchandise... as much as you can.

Article photo courtesy of Disney
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