Sixteen Candles Where Are They Now
"Sixteen Candles," which debuted in theaters May 4, 1984, was the start of so many great things: It made Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall stars, it helped launch The Brat Pack and it might have been the first place you ever saw future stars John Cusack, Joan Cusack, and Jami Gertz.

It also introduced a new talent for tapping teen angst: John Hughes, who would go on to write, direct, and produce so many of the films that shaped the '80s, including "The Breakfast Club," "Weird Science," and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

The New York Times ran a piece 10 years ago about how so many women are still waiting for a dreamboat like Jake to drive up in a hot sports car and whisk them away, as Michael Shoeffling does in the film's perfectly romantic ending. That's how deeply "Sixteen Candles" imprinted on at least the female half of the audience.

Sadly, Schoeffling has been MIA from Hollywood for years. What has the rest of the cast been up to in the past three decades?

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Sixteen Candles
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