brad pitt angelina jolie mystery projectIt's easy to forget that the epic saga of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a whirlwind romance that has spurred seemingly endless speculation, sold countless gossip magazines, and made for some ridiculously attractive red carpet photos (see above), began on a movie set. They met (and fell in love) on the set of Doug Liman's comic book-y action movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." But, since then, the couple has yet to reappear together on screen... That is, until now. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Pitt and Jolie are going to join forces again, on a project that Jolie has written.

While details on the project are (somewhat predictably) scarce, THR is theorizing that this could be a project that Jolie worked on a few years ago, about "a couple with issues who take a vacation in a last-ditch effort to save their marriage." The Reporter also notes that the couple's longstanding agreement that they won't work at the same time so that one of them can stay home with their lovely children would be easily bypassed if the whole family could come to the set and watch mom and dad work.

It's unclear whether Jolie is looking to direct the project herself, since she's knee-deep in post-production on her true-life World War II story "Unbroken" for Universal. That film, with a script by the Coen Brothers and best-selling source material (the book was written by "Seabiscuit" scribe Laura Hillenbrand), is being positioned as a major Oscar contender, despite the fact that Jolie's last movie, a Serbian war romance called "In the Land of Blood and Honey," failed to stir critics or audiences.

More details on the project will undoubtedly emerge once the endless speculation begins.

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