frank grimes walter white epic rap battleWell this is... Something. The cracked geniuses behind Epic Rap Battles of History, a YouTube channel that pits Michael Jordan vs. Muhammad Ali and Donald Trump vs. Ebenezer Scrooge (we love that one) has now turned their attention to the main characters of two beloved AMC series: watch now as Walter White, the scheming chemist and drug kingpin from "Breaking Bad" faces off against Rick Grimes, the emotionally scarred sheriff from "The Walking Dead," in rhyme.

The lyrics are too juicy (and occasionally too filthy) to ruin, but this conceit works surprisingly well, with both men, each of them psychically damaged and emotionally unhinged, go after each other, name-checking major plot points in their respective series (so, yes, a spoiler alert is appropriate here). Fair warning: you'll probably laugh until you can't laugh anymore.

Hopefully the next time the Epic Rap Battle team decides to pit two AMC characters against each other, we'll get a royal lyrical beat down between Cullen Bohannon from "Hell on Wheels" and Abe Woodhull from "Turn" (yes, I had to look those up).
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Breaking Bad
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The Walking Dead
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