How To Survive According to Movies
In the new comedy, "Walk of Shame," after a decadent night on the town, local news anchor Meghan Miles (Elizabeth Banks) finds herself without her car, money, or phone, stranded in a shady part of town, and inconveniently wearing a skintight dress and high heels. As she tries to make her way to work for what turns out to be a very important interview, she's beset with horny cab drivers, clueless policemen and endless misunderstandings.

If she'd just absorbed these lessons from similar movies, she'd have been home in half the time. (Moviefone does not guarantee these tips will get you home, especially if you are being hunted by the mafia, drug dealers, or corrupt cops -- or forced to drive cross-country with Zach Galifianakis.)

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Walk of Shame
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Meghan (Elizabeth Banks) is an aspiring news anchor in the cutthroat world of Los Angeles television.... Read More

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