mad men season 7 episode 4 monolith Last night's episode of "Mad Men" (Season 7, Episode 4: "The Monolith") was the kind of slow burn episode that placed a heavy emphasis on mood and character but was fairly low on things actually, you know, happening (that final shot of Don on the typewriter, as Peggy storms into his office, was priceless though). The most fascinating plot thread of the night probably involved Roger (John Slattery) and his ex-wife Mona (Talia Balsam) going to retrieve his daughter Margaret (Elizabeth Rice) from a hippie commune upstate (she has renamed herself Marigold, obviously). This rustic setting was placed in stark opposition to what was going on in the office, where a huge computer was being installed.

And while much of the online speculation involved with "Mad Men" this season has centered on Megan and her potential involvement with the Manson Family, some nifty theorizing popped up in response to the hippie commune Margaret stays at. As Entertainment Weekly points out, the commune seems to be the same set that appeared in season one episode "The Hobo Code," which gave us one of those gritty flashbacks to Don's (Jon Hamm) awful childhood on a Depression-era farm.

So far the show has yet to respond to Entertainment Weekly's keen-eyed observation, but this kind of awesome pop culture recycling isn't beyond the show. Last year, when Don brought his kids to the whorehouse where he grew up, it was noted that this was actually the same house from Michael Jackson's immortal "Thriller" music video. It's a scream!

What do you think -- is this really the house where Don grew up? And isn't this hippie house at geographical odds with the character's history? Let us know!
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