star wars episode vii full titleToday in super-speculative "Star Wars: Episode VII" news: Has the movie's full title been (accidentally) revealed?

That's the word from Pedestrian, which reports that someone claiming to be employed by the "Episode VII" production tweeted out some details about the flick, including its top-secret subtitle. According to the site, the title revealed by this mysterious tweeter (who's since deleted his account) is "Star Wars: Episode VII -- The Order of the Jedi."

Pedestrian notes that the account was created and shut down pretty quickly, which could hint that it was indeed legit, and once someone in charge caught wind of it, wanted to scrub it from the internet to avoid spoilers. Other details the account revealed, per Pedestrian: "Luke Skywalker will be an Obi Wan Kenobi-like mentor figure, Princess Leia and Han Solo will be high ranking officials of the republic, and that the bad guy will not be a Sith Lord."

All of this, obviously, should be considered a rumor for now, especially since no evidence of this mysterious Twitter account remains. (And even if it did, there was no way to confirm that the person who created it was in any way affiliated with the movie.) But "Star Wars" fans have no doubt grown used to endless, empty speculation about "Episode VII," so what's one more rumor to throw on the pile?

"Star Wars: Episode VII" -- and whatever subtitle it uses -- hits theaters December 18, 2015.

[h/t Uproxx]
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