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If you're a frequent Moviefone visitor, right about now you're asking, "Why is Moviefone blue?" Good question. And we'll answer it in a moment.

In the meantime, we'd like to say, "Hello, and welcome to the new Moviefone." Your one-stop shop to find movies and TV shows, wherever they are showing, airing, streaming, or downloading.

What began as a decision between going out to a movie theater or staying home to watch one of three channels has expanded to literally thousands of choices for what to watch at any time. It's become increasingly difficult to navigate the tangled web of offerings, hard to find what you want to watch, and even harder to find out if it's available via a service you're already paying for (or to make sure you're getting it at the lowest cost).

So, we at Moviefone have decided to make it easier for you. A lot easier.

The bright new color scheme is the paint on a house that's been upgraded in big ways.

So what, exactly, is new about the new Moviefone? Plenty. Here are some of the highlights:

What Do You Want to Watch?
Near the top of the homepage -- and every page -- you'll see a large search bar. That's where you can enter a movie, TV show, or celebrity to get more information. But, before you start searching, we'd like to draw your attention to what pops up right after you click in that new search box. See those links directly below "find the perfect movie or show for..."? Those are our Watch Lists: handpicked titles that fulfill a certain movie- or tv-watching need. Keep your eyes peeled for more Watch Lists in the future; we love making them. And let us know what Watch Lists you'd like to see by sending us feedback.

It's Not TV, It's TV on Moviefone
One of the changes we're most excited about is the addition of TV to Moviefone. Not only will you find episode listings, cast information, and air times for your favorite shows, you can also discover new favorites through our curated Watch Lists and exclusive features, like our weekly Weekend Watchlist, which highlights the best of movies and TV every Thursday. With TV in a new golden age, we couldn't be more excited about our latest addition.

So Many TV- and Movie-Watching Options
Thanks to the magic of cable and the Internet, there are a mindboggling number of ways to watch movies and TV: Netflix, iTunes, On Demand, Vudu, YouTube, etc. Luckily, we've done the heavy lifting when it comes to finding how and where to watch pretty much anything. For example, head over to Season 2 of ABC's "Scandal," scroll down, and you'll see a listing of Season 2's episodes. Click on the "Watch Now" button next to the episode that catches your fancy and VOILA: a list of viewing options. Do the same for "Marvel's The Avengers." Pretty cool, right? Click on the "On TV" button, and you'll see a list of upcoming cable and broadcast air times (assuming there are some). Our goal is to make finding and watching movies and TV shows as quick and easy as possible

Looking for the Next Mr. or Ms. Moviefone
You can't have a new Moviefone without a new Mr. or Ms. Moviefone, right? We're on the hunt for the new voice to represent movie and TV lovers, and it could be you. TEXT "STAR" to 265265 for more info. (Standard text messaging fees apply.)

Out With the Red, in With the Blue
Finally, we've embraced a new color scheme, one that is bright, cheerful, and, well, pretty sharp if we do say so ourselves.

Enjoy the new Moviefone!

Have questions or comments? Visit our new FAQ for more information, or send us feedback.
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