almost famous alternate titles cameron crowe"Almost Famous" was also almost terribly-titled, according to some recently unearthed notes from writer-director Cameron Crowe.

In a post on his website, The Uncool, Crowe shared pages from his notebook scribbled with dozens of possible titles for the Oscar-winning film, which was loosely based on Crowe's own experiences as a teenage rock journalist for Rolling Stone magazine. Some of the names are pretty self-explanatory ("My Back Pages" harkens back to protagonist William Miller's early reviews in underground music magazines, "The Uncool" references the iconic speech by Philip Seymour Hoffman's Lester Bangs), while others tie in with slightly more obscure nods to the film ("Tangerine" is the name of the Led Zeppelin song that plays over the movie's closing scene, "A Thousand Words" is the first assignment William gets from Bangs, when he reviews a Black Sabbath concert).

But some of the alternatives are pretty rough, too. Can you imagine the film being called "In Thru the Out Door"? Or "Rock School"? How about "Hotel Kisses"? Those just don't have the same ring as "Almost Famous."

Crowe also noted the the movie was simply called "Untitled" for a while (and the longer, director's cut version of the film that's on the DVD release still holds that moniker), though eventually, the right name prevailed.

"I found the notes from our big "What are we going to call this movie?' session towards the end of making 'Almost Famous,'" Crowe explained to Empire, which reprinted the pages for its 300th issue. "A lot of bad alternatives are listed here... luckily, we ended up with one keeper on the list."

Luckily, indeed.

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