interstellar teaser poster
Oh, man. Remember when NASA was a thing that got funding from the government? Well, Christopher Nolan would like to remind us all that one of humanity's wildest achievements was launching ourselves (and the occasional doomed animal) into outer space.

Here's a look at the poster for Nolan's next movie "Interstellar," which is shrouded in so much secrecy it makes J.J. Abrams look like the town gossip. Nolan wouldn't even tell Hans Zimmer, who is like his best friend ever, as well as the movie's composer, what "Interstellar" is about. How the heck do you compose a score for a film you've never seen? Sounds like Nolan did some Vulcan mind melt thing with Zimmer. Anyway, half the fun of a Nolan film is trying to put together the puzzle pieces.

Or, you know, just watching the movie when it comes out next November.interstellar poster
Interstellar Movie Poster
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