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As we saw in the first trailer for "Tammy," robbing a burger joint isn't a foolproof scheme, especially when a character played by the hilarious Melissa McCarthy is the mastermind. It's all about the crocs and finger guns for our heroine as she ineptly robs the employees of the local Topper Jack's.

The second trailer picks up where the first left off, with a brief look at Tammy's burger bungle and ensuing mishegoss with her -- wait for it -- grandmother, who is played by noted sex bomb Susan Sarandon.

Let that sink in a minute.

You're back? OK, great. Sarandon is rocking a white wig and those terrible cataract-friendly sunglasses as a boozy broad named Pearl who suggests Niagara Falls as their destination. Pearl is packing a purse full of booze and bad advice, such as but not limited to how to "unrob" the Topper Jack's. "Just throw the money, and we'll get out of her," she advises. Yeah, not so much.

There's also an action montage that includes a very slow jog away from cops, dancing, boob-flashing, and much more. It's very silly but also deadpan and weird, which are all things we enjoy! McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone co-wrote the script, so we've got high hopes that it will fully showcase McCarthy's skills. This is also Falcone's directorial debut.

"Tammy" comes out July 2, just in time for the long weekend. Although June is packed with movies sure to bring in crazy box office bucks, like "The Fault in Our Stars," "22 Jump Street," "Think Like a Man Too," and "Transformers: Age of Extinction," we're hoping that "Tammy" will snag lots of eyeballs searching for some funny onscreen females.

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