how to train your dragon 2
​Flying on dragons is pretty awesome -- but first, those dragons have to learn to fly.

And as Hiccup learns in this clip from "How to Train Your Dragon 2," riding a baby dragon is potentially hazardous to one's health!

"They're babies! They don't listen to anyone," he yells, as he and his friends sweep across an icy landscape. No kidding - the baby dragons still need a little more training in stuff like turning and avoiding obstacles.

"This is very dangerous ... aaaah," screams Hiccup's best friend Gobber as his dragon plummets for a brief moment.

"How to Train Your Dragon 2" is the hotly anticipated sequel to 2010's mega-hit animated movie. It follows Hiccup, Gobber, and friends five years after the original as they explore distant lands.

The movie opens June 13.

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How to Train Your Dragon 2
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