hugh jackman younger self interviewIf you're reading this, Hugh Jackman, just stop.

Stop being so darn charming. In this video from Yahoo UK, Hugh Jackman interviews himself in 1999, right before the first "X-Men" came out, to chat about their future. Strangely enough, '90s Jackman looks almost exactly like today's Hugh Jackman, except there's a Furbie and several lava lamps nearby. Honestly, though, has Jackman aged at all? Does he has a portrait of himself in an attic somewhere that's developing a beer gut and going grey? Come on.

What's funny about this "interview" is that, first of all, it's really hard to do a cool, interesting video interview these days. Second, we all like to think of Hugh Jackman as a down-to-earth guy who always seems a bit surprised as his insane success. It's funny to see him sardonically toot his own horn.

2014 Jackman blows his past self's mind by explaining "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and how some of its stars were just babies back then. "They're all going to be very young, and they're all going to remind you on a daily basis how they watched you in this movie you're about to do, when they were eight years old. Don't hit them," he advises. This is always a good tip, pretty much for everyone.

Jackman gives a shout-out to his work in "The Prestige" and "The Fountain," and then subtly disses "Movie 43," a truly horrible movie in every way possible. (We asked him about it last year, and as per usual, he was totally classy about it.)

"Keep moisturizing," 1999 Jackman says. "Whatever you're doing, it's amazing."

Yep, we agree.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" opens May 23.

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