Million Dollar Arm - Clip No. 1
Next weekend, one of the best summer movies we've seen so far opens, and it doesn't involve a single superhero, rampaging monster, or fiery explosion.

Instead, this is a low-key affair, mostly about the interpersonal relationships of very real people (it's based on a true story, don't you know), and is something that everyone in the family can enjoy (without it ever feeling too soft or gooey). The movie is Disney's "Million Dollar Arm" and it stars Jon Hamm as a sports agent who makes a risky proposition to search for the next major baseball stars on the cricket fields of India. And what's more – we have an exclusive clip.

In the minute-long clip, Hamm's character (based on real life agent J. B. Bernstein) is having a powwow with his ridiculously adorable neighbor Brenda (Lake Bell), who rents his bungalow out back. He's opening up to her -- about his lack of faith in this "million dollar arm" concept and how all of the showy things in his life are just empty objects from a bygone part of his life and career. It's a lovely little moment, honed to perfection by two incredibly talented actors, and gives you a good taste of the understated joys that "Million Dollar Arm" has to offer.

"Million Dollar Arm," which also features Madhur Mittai, Suraj Sharma, Aasif Mandvi, Alan Arkin and Bill Paxton, will be out May 16, with special sneak peeks in over 500 theaters this weekend. We'll have more exclusives, including an interview with Arkin and Paxton that can only be described as "madcap," in the coming days. So don't nobody go nowhere.
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Million Dollar Arm
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