The warped geniuses at Cinefix have a knack for turning contemporary movies into glitchy 8-bit video games, oftentimes with startlingly hilarious (and authentic) results. The latest subject of their blocky reinvention: Marc Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man" (no... not the one that's out in theaters... The one before that... No not the Tobey Maguire one...)

In the video, major plot points from the movie (as much as there were plot points) are refashioned in classic video game tropes. Peter Parker walking around the cafeteria takes on the look of a classic RPG (like the old "Zelda" games), while the sequences where his spider-senses take hold on a New York City subway car resembles the side-scrolling beat-'em-ups of yore, and Peter's initial transformation into Spider-Man looks like one of the castle levels from a "Super Mario Bros" game. And yes, it turns out that Andrew Garfield is even more adorable in spritely 8-bit form.

Just watch the video above, while you wish for this thing to actually exist.

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The Amazing Spider-Man
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