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Listen, it's too early to get all worked up about the fall television schedule; that requires delicate scheduling and the use of color-coded note cards. Instead, only brief flashes of excitement or consternation should be allowed. That will keep you nice and even, and let you ride out the rest of the summer on a good, buzzy cocktail of emotions, mainly made up of wondering whether or not the new "24" miniseries is living up to your expectations and hoping for the best when it comes to HBO's "The Leftovers." Well, ABC made an announcement that should pique your television-loving interest, with new info on two Marvel-related small screen properties (via Coming Soon).

Today the Disney-owned ABC announced that it very much intends on staying in the Marvel game: not only will the highly rated if somewhat creatively tepid "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." be back for a second season, but (and this is way more exciting) the network also ordered a full season of "Agent Carter," a show based around Hayley Atwell's character from the "Captain America" movies.

This is a super cool announcement for a number of reasons: first and foremost, she is a really amazing character and it will be nice to see a Marvel property anchored by a female hero (especially one that cannot fly or shoot laser beams out of her eyes). Secondly, the source material (a One Shot short film on the "Iron Man 3" Blu-ray) is totally great, and sets the scene well for the eventual series: it too will take place in 1946, during S.H.I.E.L.D.'s infancy (here it's referred to as the SSR, Strategic Scientific Reserve), while Agent Carter deals with the loss of her love Captain America and the threat of evil from around the world.

Also exciting are who ABC has tasked with bringing the series to life: the pilot will be written by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas (yes, they too are also women!), who, shockingly, are also from Joss Whedon's inner circle, having worked on his beloved and damnably short-lived "Dollhouse" series on Fox.

Keep in mind that DC Comics is finally getting into the TV game this season too, with four new series (Fox's "Gotham," NBC's "Constantine," and The CW's "iZombie" and "The Flash") joining "Arrow" in prime time, and the five Netflix series Marvel is planning, with tentative plans to launch next year.

In short: very soon TV is going to be just as overstuffed with guys in capes as the multiplexes are.
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