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Babies are the sun and the stars to their parents, so it's not too surprising that more of them are being named Khaleesi than ever.

The Social Security Administration released name data from 2013, and Vox notes Khaleesi rose in popularity from the year before, with 241 babies named after the "Game of Thrones" character's honorific. Her real name, Daenerys, isn't quite as hot, with just 21 babies bearing that name. That makes Khaleesi more popular than traditional names like Betsy and Stacy.

It's an impressive feat since no babies were named Khaleesi before "Game of Thrones" came to television. By the way, "khaleesi" means queen in Dothraki.

Arya, another character from the show, is proving to be a popular baby name, too, with 1,135 tykes called after the feisty Stark daughter. Arya beat out names including Amanda, Phoebe, and Helen.

Now, if anybody named their after Joffrey, they'd be the worst parents in the world.

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