game of thrones season 4 episode 6 the laws of gods and menSo, a lot of important/crazy stuff went down on last night's "Game of Thrones," and we want to know what you thought about it. But, before that, let's take a moment to reflect on the madness. Ready? OK. SPOILERS AHEAD!

  • Tyrion finally stood trial for the non-crime of murdering Joffrey. Sister Cersei is convinced he did it -- or is she? She's always hated Tyrion, so this could just be her way of offing him. Anyway, she spends most of the episode sitting in her mini-throne, delivering evil looks and smirks with gusto. Meanwhile, Jaime does his best to strike a deal to save Tyrion's life, pleading with their father, Tywin. They come to terms, and Jaime lets Tyrion in on the plan, only Tyrion doesn't hold to it because...
  • Tyrion's former lady love (and love of his life) Shae betrays him, telling the courtroom that Tyrion and Sansa planned Joffrey's murder -- and she witnessed it all. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Tyrion responds to this with outrage, commanding that he be tried in combat. Now we're getting somewhere.
  • Reek (formerly Theon Greyjoy) continues to be hard to watch. He is (almost) rescued by his sister, Yara, and her band of men, but refuses to go because he's basically scared of his own shadow at this point. This gives a bloodied Ramsey Snow enough time to threaten to let the dogs out. So Yara and crew run for the hills -- even though it looks like Ramsey could have easily been overtaken by all of Greyjoy's men. What the what? There's got to be more to this.
  • Because Reek refuses to go with his sister, Ramsey rewards him with a hot bath. A creepy, strings-attached, hot bath. Turns out Ramsey wants Reek to pretend to be "someone else," notably "Theon Greyjoy," a person who is all but dead to "Game of Thrones" fans. One can only imagine the future hijinks.
  • The Iron Bank is funding Stannis Baratheon's army. There are some shady doings at the Bank of Braavos (most of which we don't know about yet), and Stannis's right-hand man, Davos, is able to use his words to convince the bankers that backing his guy is a smart investment. After he gets the money, Davos heads to a brothel, where one of his former smuggling comrades is getting his swerve on with some ladies. Davos throws some money at him so he can add some men to Stannis's army (or something -- we don't really know what they're up to).
  • Meanwhile, in Dragon-land, Daenerys is busy letting people walk all over her, paying them for their scorched goats (oops!) and letting them bury dead people, all in the name of compassion. After hearing from a couple of her constituents, she asks how many more beleaguered people she has to entertain, to which the response is 212. Sigh. This is the downside to being queen: the busywork of, you know, ruling.

So, what did you think of episode? Tell us in the comments at the bottom of the page.
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