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Since the announcement that there would be a very real, very different, and completely insane sequel to Harmony Korine's neon-piped masterpiece "Spring Breakers," it was hard not to wonder what James Franco, the outspoken, rarely still star of the original, thought of the news. Well, a few days ago Franco posted a video on Instagram of himself as his "Spring Breakers" character, the minor league crime kingpin and regional rap star Alien, as well as a few of his thoughts about the sequel.

The video is pretty weird, and features Franco, his eyes shut, his hair twirled into Alien's patented on-vacation braids, absent-mindedly crunching on a rice cake, with an unseen female photographer saying, "This is James feeling a bit sick because he smoked too much dope in the club. His tummy is a bit sensitive." The shot is so tranquil and her voice such a delicate purr, that it feels oddly contemplative and calm for a gangster rapper whose trademark jam is a song called "Hangin' with Da Dopeboys." Franco's tag for the video? "ALIEN IN REHAB!"

But what really makes this Instagram post un-missable is Franco's description of the video, which includes his thoughts on the upcoming, Korine-less sequel: "BTW f*** that SBer 2 BS, they're doing it without HARMONY'S CONSENT. Sounds LAME AS A MUTHA!" So... neither Franco or, apparently, Korine, are all that jazzed about the "Spring Breakers 2" news, although it still sounds nutty enough to potentially work (at least to us).

We hope Alien feels better soon.

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