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Back in 2005, Keanu Reeves starred in "Constantine," a supernatural thriller whose central character was John Constantine, a hard luck paranormal private eye whose battles with the forces of darkness also included trying to save his own soul. The character originated during Alan Moore's influential run on "Swamp Thing," before continuing on in his own long-running comic book for Vertigo Comics (entitled "Hellblazer") ever since. Well, NBC, in the rush to make television just as superhero-filled as the multiplexes, have given the series order for "Constantine," another adaptation of the property, and unleashed a fire-and-brimstone-filled 3-minute preview (below) to get you properly amped.

This new "Constantine" features Welsh actor Matt Ryan in the title role, bringing the character back to his British roots. His look is much more in keeping with the comic book, as well: ruffled, poorly bleached blond hair, with thick stubble and wrinkled overcoat. It's not exact, but the look captures the character pretty (damned) well.

And the trailer certainly promises lots of action, too: he seems to be institutionalized at the start of the pilot (at Ravenscar, again a nod to the comics) before getting out and teaming with a comely young lass (Lucy Griffiths) who can see similarly otherworldly things. There are also ghosts, demons, and angels, not to mention lots of scary imagery that might keep you up at night. Neil Marshall, who has been responsible for kicky genre movies like "The Descent" and "Doomsday" directed the pilot and his kinetic visual style is all over this teaser (he also directed the "Blackwater" episode of "Game of Thrones").

Constantine is one of the very best characters in comic book history, and while the "Constantine" movie was OK, it captured the spirit of the character and comic book more than actually translating anything directly, and a new take on the character is definitely appreciated. This new series should please fans of the comic book and those who enjoy supernatural television shows like "Grimm" and, well, "Supernatural." Color us intrigued.

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