Brace yourselves, folks. Twenty-three TV shows from 5 major networks were given the official network axe this past week. And while you might be aware of some of the major losses (RIP, "Community") there are a slew of other small screen programs that bit the dust as well. Let's get you up to speed.

Not only has NBC parted ways with the beloved Greendale gang, they've shut the lights on post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama "Revolution" and the J.K. Simmons comedy vehicle "Growing Up Fisher," among others.

Fox pulled the plug on three of their freshman series. Say goodbye to "Dads," "Surviving Jack," and the well-reviewed fan fave "Enlisted."

ABC's casualties include the quirky comedy "Suburgatory," which ran for an impressive three seasons, and the much-anticipated Rebel Wilson-helmed "Super Fun Night."

And alas, The CW is hanging up those Manolos. The network is letting go of "The Carrie Diaries," but we all know how that story turns out, right?

Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar were touted as an unlikely dynamic duo, yukking up our screens for many moons, but CBS bid adieu to "The Crazy Ones." They also dropped "Hostages" and "Friends With Better Lives."

And so it is. See the complete list of the recently chopped below. Tear.

"Super Fun Night"
"Trophy Wife"

"Growing Up Fisher"

"Surviving Jack"

The CW
"The Carrie Diaries"
"The Tomorrow People"

"Bad Teacher"
"The Crazy Ones"
"Friends With Better Lives"

So, take a moment of silence for these short-lived dramas and sit-coms, will you? Which series will you miss the most?

Photo by NBC, Fox, CBS

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