zack snyder batmobile Oh, that Zack Snyder.

The director of such hugely expensive studio movies as "300" and "Man of Steel" is also a big fan of social media... And today tweeted a tease of the new Batmobile that should feature heavily into 2016's still-untitled Batman vs. Superman movie, as well as his cumulative "Justice League" project (to follow either in 2017 or 2018). The image certainly seems to signify the direction the filmmaker is going in, with a promise to unveil the whole vehicle sometime tomorrow...
The black-and-white photo was taken inside a large industrial space, complete with blacked-out windows and puddles of fetid water. While the Batmobile is heavily covered (by a large tarp), you get what Snyder was going for: the back wheels look like the more all-terrain, "realistic" wheels that were on the Tumbler from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, but it's also got the sharp, swooping fin that's been a staple of the Batmobile from almost the beginning, perhaps best immortalized by the sleek, neo-gothic design of the two Tim Burton movies (a design that remained more or less intact during the two subsequent Joel Schumacher outings). Yes, Ben Affleck's Batman will have lots of fun driving this thing.

It's interesting that the whimsy of the previous designs are being merged with the more industrial-strength look of the newer movies, to deliver something both fresh and familiar. Snyder's caption was telling: "Could be time to pull the tarp... Tomorrow?" So even if we don't see the full Batmobile, expect some kind of announcement or photo or something tomorrow.

Whatever the Batman vs. Superman movie ends up being called, it'll be out in summer 2016.
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