new batsuit batmobileZack Snyder is such a tease.

Yesterday the director tweeted a rather lush photo of the Batmobile with a dust cloth over it.
Snyder made good on his promise and posted a photo of what looks like Ben Affleck in the full Batman regalia standing next to his Batmobile, which Snyder shot with a fancy Leica camera. (Nice product placement?)
There's been a lot of hullaballoo about whether or not Ben Affleck can fill out the nipple-y Batman suit that Christian Bale and Michael Keaton have worn in years past, so what Snyder is doing is very smart. Olivia Pope would surely approve of how he's taking control of the narrative by engaging with fans directly. Sure, we all know how social media works on this level of publicity, but it definitely gives fans the feeling that they're in direct contact with what's happening on set, as well as the illusion that they have a say in it or that their feedback matters on a critical level. On the other hand, it does allow Snyder et al to test the temperature and tweak accordingly.

Way to go, Gladiators!

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