walking dead season 5 first photoAMC has released the first official image from season five of "The Walking Dead," and while it's fairly simple, it hints at some serious strife facing Sheriff Rick Grimes and his group.

The photo is a closeup of Rick, who's gazing intently off into the distance from what looks like the train car where he and his cohorts were deposited by the residents of Terminus upon their arrival during the season four finale. He's got blood on his face and hands and his expression can best be described as weary, but determined.

That's not really much different from how Rick has looked throughout the entire series, though it certainly ties back into the vibe of the first promo poster for season five, which depicted the onetime lawman hunched over in a darkened room, clutching a gun, with the word "Survive" scrawled on the wall above him. Judging by this new photo, that's exactly what Rick is plotting to do, though it certainly won't be easy.

The fifth season of "The Walking Dead" premieres on AMC on October 12.
walking dead season 5 rick grimes

[via TheWrap]

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