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A local news anchor in South Dakota chastised viewers on air this week after she said the station was bombarded by calls from people who were angry that a TV show was cut off by a tornado warning.

Nancy Naeve, co-anchor of ABC affiliate KSFY in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, went on a rant Monday directed at those who had complained about missing the final few minutes of Sunday's season finale of "Once Upon a Time," which KSFY cut in to for a warning about an approaching tornado. Station meteorologist Shawn Cable delivered the warning, and was subject of scorn for many viewers, who inundated KSFY's control room with calls about the interruption.

After airing a segment detailing the local damage left by the tornado -- including one woman's testimony that warnings like the one that KSFY aired helped her alert her granddaughter about the approaching storm -- Naeve was livid, chastising viewers for complaining about a trivial fictional program when real lives were at stake.

"No show is as important as someone's life ... and people just berated our station for [Cable] being on the air," Naeve said on air Monday. "But I tell you what, if it was your home, and your neighbors, you would feel differently. ... We get it, we get it, we love your show ... but we love that Shawn was saving lives, literally."

Naeve also added that viewers could simply have gone to to watch the rest of "Once Upon a Time" instead of calling to complain.

"I felt bad for having to interrupt folks' TV show, but I tell you what, I'm glad I did," Cable said, adding, "It's a TV show. I can live with you missing it. I feel bad, but I can live with it."

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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