adam driver star wars episode vii han solo princess leiaWhen word first came out that "Girls" star Adam Driver would be in "Star Wars: Episode VII," everyone assumed he'd play the villain.

But a rumor from Jedi News claims that Driver isn't the villain -- rather, he's the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia!

Calm down ... it's just a rumor. Director J.J. Abrams has been keeping details about "Episode VII" on lockdown. When the cast was announced recently, there was no mention of characters or roles.

Still, Jedi News' insider source says Han and Leia's son "will be seduced to the Dark Side, and a main plot point for the movie will be their attempt to rescue him."

If this is true, it aligns with the disclosure that Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is a "co-lead" of the movie, along with three of the younger actors.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" hits theaters December 18, 2015.

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