Two and a Half Men final season
It's almost time to bid adieu to our pals on "Two and a Half Men," which will end its seemingly endless run after its twelfth season.

There have been a lot of ups and downs with the cast of "Two and a Half Men" over the years, not the least of which involved its former co-star Charlie Sheen, who was fired mid-season in 2011.

Things seemed relatively copacetic after Ashton Kutcher was brought on to mitigate the damage, but then co-star Angus T. Jones went on a pretty spectacular religious rant about the show, begging people to "[p]lease stop watching it and filling your head with filth." That didn't really stop viewers from tuning in each week to see the ongoing hijinks of Jon Cryer, the Kootch, and series newcomer Amber Tamblyn, so it was up to CBS to finally do the honors and pull the plug.

CBS's Nina Tassler told reporters at the TV upfronts this week, "Chuck Lorre is creating a season-long event. We did very well last year with announcing final season of 'How I Met You Mother' here, too. Chuck is very psyched about this; he's got some great ideas and very big surprises." What could be a bigger surprise than Charlie Sheen appearing on the show for one last sleazy hurrah? Sheen only called Lorre a number of rather colorful things and almost caused the show to be canceled, but let's not dwell. Or the fact that they literally killed him off. This is TV, where dreams can become reality and Duckie can grow up to become his own worst nightmare.

Anyway, we're sure they've got some neat tricks in store for viewers, so tune in!

[Via THR]

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