gone girl nasty little film trent reznorTrent Reznor is no stranger to darkness, having fronted heavy metal band Nine Inch Nails for more than two decades. But even he admits that David Fincher's upcoming adaptation of "Gone Girl" is pretty bleak.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the rocker-turned-Oscar-winning-composer discusses his ongoing partnership with Fincher, with whom he collaborated on "The Social Network," "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," and now, "Gone Girl." Reznor is currently putting the finishing touches on the latter film's score, he told EW, which he's rushing to complete ahead of the film's debut this fall.

Reznor said that the process this time around with songwriting partner Atticus Ross is roughly the same as on their previous two films with Fincher, where the pair sit down with the director and let him explain his vision for the feature and the score's role in it. It's been a positive experience, Reznor said, though he noted that the movie probably wouldn't appeal to the faint of heart.

"This film has been really fun to work on. It's been an interesting challenge with some different parameters, and it keeps us on our toes. That's what makes it good," he told EW. "It's a much darker film than I was expecting. The book is not exactly uplifting or happy, but it's a nasty film."

Color us intrigued (and nervous).

"Gone Girl" opens on October 3.

[via Entertainment Weekly, h/t The Playlist]

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