must see food documentaries fed upFood documentaries are among the most talked about and critically acclaimed of the genre -- especially when they blow the lid off of something we've always thought true or taken for granted. Now, another thought-provoking doc of that ilk joins the mix. "Fed Up," from director Stephanie Soechtig ("Tapped"), producer Laurie David ("An Inconvenient Truth"), and journalist Katie Couric, takes a hard look at America's growing obesity problem, revealing information that the food industry really doesn't want you to know.

In the spirit of documentaries like "Fed Up," which is in theaters now, we asked producer Laurie David to share her list of must-see food docs. "Food rules, and I will watch any doc that impacts my own personal knowledge of what I'm eating and feeding my kids," she tells us.

And with that, here are her top five food documentaries.

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Fed Up
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Filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig and journalist Katie Couric investigate how the American food industry may... Read More

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