Everyone's imaginary best friend Jennifer Lawrence sure isn't afraid to let it all hang out on national TV.

And perhaps one of the best examples of that adorable quality are her hilarious and often very candid interviews, particularly those which air after the hour of 11 p.m. It's pretty much a given that when J.Law hits a late night talk show she's going to recall a super funny personal story or do something absolutely ridiculous.

Here's a handy round-up of all the times Jennifer Lawrence charmed the heck out of the hosts, offered up one of her signature T.M.I. moments, and made the world fall in love with her again and again. Backlash, what backlash?

Last night on the "Tonight Show" the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" star once again revealed one of her many embarrassing moments for all of America to hear. Apparently, she and Jimmy Fallon (after a few jello shots) once hatched a plan to get Jennifer Lopez to dance with them. Unfortunately, Jimmy left her by her lonesome, making her look very silly in front of the pop superstar. Here's the hysterical tale of when J.Law met J.Lo:

Jennifer also played a riveting game of "Box of Lies." Watch as she and Jimmy tell the truth or lie about the contents inside of mystery boxes. Can she just be a "Tonight Show" sidekick already?

Lawrence has also had memorable "Late Show" appearances, too. Who could forget the classic moment she talked to David Letterman about her fulcer? Yeah, this one time she totally told everyone about her bathroom trouble like it was no big deal.

She also spoke with Conan about her failed modeling career with Abercrombie & Fitch. Another model supposedly screamed "get her away from me!" after J.Law got too intense in a fake game of football. Of course that happened.

Speaking of sports, here she is, back in 2012, throwing a bucket of KFC into a basketball net on "Late Night."

And remember how she admitted she stalked her crush John Stamos like a "pervert" at a party?

And in true J.Law form, here she remembers bragging about wetting the bed at the mature age of 13.

There's also this charming story from "Late Night With Seth Meyers" about how she got so drunk at the Oscars that she puked at Madonna's party. Even Miley Cyrus told her to "get it together":
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